Paul O'Connell - Trueways Instructor

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Paul O Connell has 16 years Military experience he has served operationally in East and West Africa also the Middle East. He served in two EU Nordic Battle Groups and achieved recognition for his skills becoming Combat Tracking and Ground sign awareness Instructor.

Paul has been interested in the outdoors and survival throughout his lifetime. His time in the Military gave him a wealth of survival knowledge and travel opportunities from the Middle East, Russia, Swiss Alps, Sweden Lapland and Arctic Norway. He has a passion for teaching survival and nurturing those new to the subject. He has led mountaineering expeditions to Himalayas, Russia. (Winter and summer) Mountaineering and back country Skiing in Swiss Alps, Sweden`s Lapland and Arctic Norway. He has also spent years of Winter Camping, Touring via X-country skiing, snow shoeing in the wilderness of northern Sweden in extreme cold weather conditions.

Paul’s survival related experience and qualifications include:

Arctic Survival Instructor,
Arctic Mountaineering.
Advanced summer mountaineering, with Swiss Armed forces.
Advanced winter mountaineering, with Swiss Armed forces
Specialist in alpine search and rescue operations.
Specialist in avalanche rescue.
Specialist in Mountain Survival summer and winter.
Confidence Training Instructor.
Map Reading and Navigation Instructor.
Landing Point Commander.
Combat Tracker Instructor.
Combat Tracking and Ground Sign awareness Instructor.

SERE Level A. SERE Level B. SERE Level C

Specialist in Sea Survival.
Coastal Survival.
Specialist Rescue Diver.
Advanced CFR
Remote Emergency Care 3
EMT Trainee.
ISTAR trained.
Reconnaissance Instructor

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