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Light My Fire GrandPa's FireGrill

Light My Fire GrandPa's FireGrill

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Light My Fire Grandpas FireGrill

The new Light My Fire Grandpa's FireGrill Kit is based on the original Grandpa's FireFork, but with a larger holding area for your favourite camp meals, which means that you are not restricted to just marshmallows or sausages.  

The grilling kits are perfect for cooking wild foods, such as freshly caught fish, or even handmade burgers and sausages
Grandpa's FireGrill is easy to use - simply sandwich your meal between the grills and use a natural stick as a handle whilst you cook over the flames of an open fire.
The will naturally attach to any stick due its spring-like holding mechanism.

The Light My Fire Grill is a great way to enhance your outdoor cooking experience. Made from stainless steel, the Grandpa's FireGrill is lightweight and very easy to use.

Material: stainless steel.
Size: 194x194x61mm
Weight: 255g

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