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MSR AC-Bivy Sack - All Condition Bivy

MSR AC-Bivy Sack - All Condition Bivy

MSR AC-Bivy Sack - All Condition Bivy

Product Description

MSR AC-Bivy Sack - All Condition Bivy.

Minimalist Range - Ultralight and complact shelters designed for ounce-counting backpackers, minimalists and thru-hikers

When weight and space really count, the AC Bivy shelter is the best and most efficient way to get the all-condition protection you need. Maximum waterproof-breathable fabric coverage on top delivers the best possible breathability, while an extra-tough floor with 10,000mm DuraShield™ coating lets you rest confidently through anything. A zippered shoulder entry with mesh allows excellent bug-free ventilation and makes the bivy shelter easy to get into and use while sitting up.

Ultralight: Ideal shelter for minimalists, bivy tent weighs only 1 lb (450 g).
Waterproof: Highly breathable two-layer top with 10,000mm DuraShield™-coated floor.
Highly Breathable: Zippered mesh closure allows bivy tent maximum, bug-free ventilation.
Colour : Blue


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