Light My Fire Wild Kitchen 8 Piece MealKits

Light My Fire Wild Kitchen 8 Piece MealKits

Light My Fire Wild Kitchen 8 Piece MealKits

Product Description

Light My Fire Wild Kitchen 8 Piece MealKits 2.0

The Light My Fire MealKit 2.0 at last gives you a thoroughly modern upgrade on outdoors eating utensils. The Light My Fire MealKit 2.0 looks good whichever of the colourful range of colour combinations you select as well as performing well with modern materials meaning no sharp edges, no rust, no difficult washing up afterwards and no more than minimal weight when you are taking it with you in your backpack on your expedition.

The plate, bowl, containers, cup and strainer/cutting board will be found to be pleasant to use, to store food in and to eat and drink from and the Spork spoon, fork and knife combination is the natural multi-function utensil to serve and eat with.

The two SnapBoxes are waterproof when closed and the cup packs small to save on space. All the items in this impressive camping meal seat are safe to use in a microwave and to clean in a dishwasher. A harness allows you to keep the entire set neatly together during transport or storage.


Lid/plate (500 ml)
Plate/bowl (900 ml)
SnapBox original, waterproof (170 ml)
SnapBox oval, waterproof (320 ml)
Pack-up-Cup with measuring lines (260 ml)
Combined strainer and cutting board
Spork original

Spork made of Tritan
Harness made of TPE
Dimensions: 194 x 194 x 61 mm
Weight: 384 g

Available in Lime, Fuchsia, Black, Cyan, Green, Orange
Please Note : Red is no longer available.

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