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Solo Stove Original - Wood Burning Camp Stove

Solo Stove Original - Wood Burning Camp Stove

Product Description

Solo Stove Original Wood Burning Camp Stove

The Solo Stove is the ultimate backpacking stove - a lightweight compact efficient eco-friendly backpacking stove that will last you a lifetime.

The Solo Stove is a natural convection inverted downgas gasifer stove that incorporates a secondary combustion for a more efficient and cleaner burn. The bottom vents allow air to enter and flow up the bottom of the grate to feed the primary combustion a top down smolder. In addition air entering from the bottom vents heats up within the inner wall and rises up and out the top firebox vents causing a secondary combustion at the top of the stove. The Solo Stove doesn`t just burn wood. It actually cooks the smoke out of the wood and then burns the smoke not once but twice! This technique makes for a cleaner burn which means less smoke and also allows the stove to burn more efficiently which means it requires less fuel than regular wood stoves.  

We`re especially excited about how little of an impact the Solo Stove has on the environment.  It`s easy to use yet extremely functional. At only 9 oz this stove is portable and light weight and because it uses bio-fuel (twigs wood seeds etc.) you no longer need to buy and carry around disposable canisters of gas fuel.  With the Solo Stove as long as you have wood you`ll be all set to cook.  

The Solo Stove was built for serious backpackers survivalists emergency disaster kits and campers alike and when used properly your Solo Stove will last you a lifetime

Lightweight: At just 9 oz this stove has minimal impact on the weight of your backpack.
No heavy bulky fuel canisters are needed.
Environmentally Friendly: No fuel canisters no chemical emissions no batteries no burnt ground = smaller carbon footprint. 
Unlimited Fuel Sources: Cook a meal using the twigs you collect on your hike.
Say goodbye to heavy costly polluting petrol fuels. 
Built Tough: Made with hardened 304 stainless steel the Solo Stove is meant for rugged backpacking and camping.
Affordable: Owning a Solo Stove will save you from spending on canister fuel.

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