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  • DD Jura 2 XL Sleeping Bag Getting into a standard sleeping bag while inside a hammock isn't always easy – so here is our solution. Comfortable for use in temperatures down to -5C, the DD Jura 2 Sleeping Bag is central-zipped with a waterproof footbox – designed to let you step into it on wet gro..
  • Snugpak Fleece Sleeping Bag Liner When you need extra warmth at night, you can use the Fleece Insulating Liner and it will instantly add over a season to your sleeping bag. The lush fleece creates comfort, luxury and warmth for occasional colder nights, without needing to buy a warmer sleeping b..
  • Snugpak Insulated Jungle Travel Blanket The Jungle Blanket is a warm, lightweight, less bulky alternative to your quilt at home, ideal for extra warmth while camping, emergencies or even just to wrap around you on a chilly night while you enjoy the camp fire or take in the view of the sunset. ..
  • Snugpak Paratex Sleeping Bag Liner - Olive Green When you’re out for longer periods, the Snugpak Paratex sleeping bag liner will keep your performance sleeping bag clean, without affecting its thermal properties. The wicking action of the Paratex Light fabric will draw any moisture away from you..
  • Snugpak Silk Sleeping Bag Liner The Snugpak Silk Sleeping Bag Liner is Snugpak's most heat-efficient liner by weight and helps to keep you significantly warmer so it is a good standby to have, especially as it weighs next to nothing and takes up hardly any room. The natural characteristics of ..
  • Snugpak Softie 10 Harrier 3 Season Sleeping Bag The Softie 10 Harrier is an unofficial military standard for Norwegian Nordic Training For those of us that prefer more leisurely pursuits, but still need a performance sleeping bag, this is perfect for prolonged use in cold conditions down to -1..
  • Snugpak Softie 12 Osprey 4 Season Sleeping Bag Many view the Softie 12 Osprey as the ultimate four season synthetic fill sleeping bag. Since its launch in 1987, it has been setting the standard for winter bag performance for others to follow. Along with the rest of the Softie range, the benefi..
  • Snugpak Softie 18 Antarctica RE Sleeping Bag Whether you’re planning an expedition in extreme conditions, or somewhere that the temperature could plummet during the night, the Antarctica RE is our most extreme performance bag. Keeping you warm and dry are the main priorities in these condition..
  • Snugpak Thermalon Sleeping Bag Liner The Snugpak Thermalon Sleeping Bag Liner is a liner that provides top warmth and quality, but at a fantastic price. It's a body-hugging liner that boosts the thermal properties of your sleeping bag, a common requirement when temperatures drop. If you've fel..