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Trueways 11 Day Arctic Survival Course - February 2018

Trueways 11 Day Arctic Survival Course - February 2018

Trueways 11 Day Arctic Survival Course - February 2018

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Trueways Arctic Survival Course - February 2018

11 Day Arctic Survival in Northern Sweden - Open to All aged 18 and over - No Previous experience required


The Trueways Survival Arctic course, in keeping with our philosophy of real skills for real situations, seeks to deliver sensible and appropriate survival training for the extreme cold weather and environment settings.  Situated just outside the Arctic circle, our course location is ideally situated to deliver upon our aim.  There will be a home base of cabins for use during the theoretical lessons and then its into the frozen lands to put it into practice in scenario based training situations.  Delivered by expert Trueways Survival Instructors and a specially selected local Survival Expert.

This course is open to all over the age of 18 and is limited to a maximum of 12 attendee's.

Course Outline

The course is divided into two distinctly different parts:

A static phase where we look at staying put and awaiting rescue.  This is also appropriate perhaps where a change in weather has left us stranded in snow drifts or sudden blizzard conditions as well as where we have actively taken ourselves to these hazardous environments; perhaps cross country skiing or even off-piste alpine skiing.   We must be able to either sit out the conditions and then carry on ourselves or make suitable arrangements to await rescue.

And secondly there is a mobile phase, where we consider the options available to us.  This could be a continuance from the setting that has originally forced a night outdoors, or perhaps we are having to go for help as part of a stranded group.Between these phases there is chance to return to the cabins for more lessons and to turn around equipment that may have come dirty or wet.  This opportunity for administration ensures that a safe training environment is always met.

Course Syllabus

This course assumes no previous knowledge and is suitable for all levels
Minimum Age for this course is 18.

We will cover the following subjects

Preparation for extreme cold weather survival
Psychology of survival
The hazards of extreme cold weather
Cold weather injuries (Freezing and non-freezing)
Clothing and correct wearing and use of items
Improvised clothing and enhancing unsuitable clothing
Protection from the elements
Improvised shelters
Fire lighting in an extreme enviroment
Signalling for rescue and assisting rescue services to locate you
Acquisition of resources, water, food etc
Improvised skis and snow shoes
Improvised equipment carriage
Travel across county in harsh climatic conditions

Course Format

11 Days

Day 1 - Arrive In country and travel to the training school
Day 2 - Safety briefs and acclimatisation
Day 3 - Outdoor lessons and practice period
Day 4 - Begin static phase of Survival Course
Day 5 - Static Phase (Night Out)
Day 6 - Static Phase returning at end of day (Night In)
Day 7 - Mobile phase lessons and practice periods
Day 8 - Mobile phase begins (Night Out)
Day 9 - Mobile phase (Night Out)
Day 10 - Mobile phase ending around Midday (Night In)
Day 11 - Leave training area for airport and travel home

Clothing Equipment
Wool socks
Winter Mountaineering Boots with Gaiters (preferably Yeti Gaiters)
Base layers (preferably Merino wool, all good quality base layers will be acceptable, No Cotton)
Thermal layers fleeces and fibrefill jackets and jumpers (Down jackets may be taken in addition but not as a substitute)
Shell layers (Goretex jacket and trousers for mountaineering are best, Salopetes are ideal, Skiwear is acceptable)
Gloves inner thermal
Gloves outer warm
Gloves shell waterproof mittens
Wooly hat
Spare Gloves

Cooking Equipment
Cooking Pot with lid
Thermos flask 1.5L minimum (unbreakable metal)
Knife, Fork & Spoon

Survival Kit
Survival Knife (Fixed Blade) - Contact us for advice if needed.
Daypack minumim 45L capacity
Paracord (550 cord) 50m minimum
Edible Arctic candle (tallow fat)
Foil Blanket
Cottonwool (tampons, super heavy)
Fishing Kit with small hooks and line
Flint and Steel
Lighter (Disposable)
Windproof waterproof matches
Wire saw or Laplander saw


Skills for Life

Survival in an Arctic environment is a challenge. To be in some of the harshest weather in the world and operate in relative comfort takes inner strength, knowledge, skills and the right equipment - in that order. If you can provide the strength and some of the kit, we'll help you develop the knowledge and skills which you will keep for life.

Our courses are based on a tried and tested methodology which has been refined over many years of real life, hands-on practical experience. Developing and applying skills where necessary through in-situ supervised practice and understanding the basic principles will ensure you are equipped for life, whatever you have in your pack. Places are limited to be sure to secure your place to ensure you have all the Arctic Survival Training and skills to survive in an extreme environment.

What to Expect When You Book.

Once we receive your booking and payment, you will then receive a full information pack containing a comprehensive equipment list, specific details of the course location, links to and contact details for travel organisations which we believe can provide the most competitive pricing for flights, and last but not least, a specific, expert Arctic Instructor Contact within Trueways to answer any questions relating to the course which you may have, by phone or by email.

Safety First

In accordance with UK Health and Safety Executive guidelines for Survival Courses in Sweden, a full risk assessment has been carried out for this course detailing emergency evacuation procedures and procedures for dealing with any nature of emergency, including liaison with local medical facilities. All activities are within easy reach of a heated and well equipped cabin and transport will remain near the group at all times. Instructors will carry communications equipment and are all current first aid trained with years of experience in cold climates.

Arctic Course Prerequisites 

Due to the nature of our Arctic courses, certain prerequisites must be met. These are:

All necessary kit and equipment as detailed on the equipment list issued when booking
Any necessary visas or documentation for authorised entry to Sweden during the dates of your course (EU residents do not require visas)
Relevant medical insurance valid for the dates of your course or an EHIC card entitling medical treatment in Sweden
Winter sports travel insurance valid for the dates of your course
A valid passport with at least 6 months remaining
A reasonable level of fitness

Environment & Location

For our 2018 Arctic course we have chosen a secluded area in Northern Sweden. The location offers a mixture of Arctic forest, open snow pack and frozen lakes and rivers. The course will begin from a fully equipped training area before moving on to forest shelters and then to a variety of snow and ice shelters.

Spaces on this course are limited to 12 attendees.

Your Arctic Adventure Pack

At the end of your course, you will be presented with a Trueways Arctic certificate. In addition to this, throughout the course Trueways instructors and attendees will capture much of the activity in stills. Each participant will receive a CD to keep of all available photographs.

As well as an experience of a lifetime you will receive:

  • Survival Kit Bag
  • A Professionally Printed Survival Certificate
  •  A USB of Photos of the course


Course places are priced at £1,295 per person.

What's included and what's not

Course costs cover training during your time in Sweden for your course dates. All food and accommodation in Sweden during your course is also included. Course costs do not include travel to and from any pre-course briefings nor travel to and from Sweden. The closest airport is Luleå connections are recommended from Stockholm

Within Sweden, transfers to and from the airport from the course location on the start and end date of your course is included. Transport to and from the airport in your country of origin is not included.



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