19 Day Platinum Survival Course Package - Saving Over £500

19 Day Platinum Survival Course Package - Saving Over £500

19 Day Platinum Survival Course Package - Saving Over £500

Product Description

The Ultimate Survival Skills Course package - 5 Courses - 19 Days.

Save 20% off our standard price (£1,727) by purchasing our platium survival course package as a single bundle. Once purchased we will post you out unique vouchers for the following courses.

2 Day Basic Woodland Survival - Level 2
2 Day Urban Survival 
3 Day Coastal Survival
5 Day Basic to Advanced Woodland Survival - Level 3
7 Day Applied Advanced Survival - Level 4

These vouchers can then be used to book yourself onto any dates and locations available on our website, and complete the courses as quick or as relaxed as you require, at the same time saving over £345 if booked seperatly.

PLUS - You also receive the following key equipment to help you on your course saving over £160

1 x DD Hammocks 3mx3m Olive Green Tarp
1 x Snugpack Olive Green Bivi Bag
1 x MoraKniv Heavy Duty Survival Knife With Integrated Fire Starter


Voucher are valid for 3 years and can be booked either directly on our bookings website or over the phone, for more information please call 0800 043 0832

About the courses

2 Day Basic Woodland Survival
The Trueways 2 Day Survival training course will provide you with an introduction to and good grounding in all the principles and skills necessary to survive in the wilderness. Including the principles that can be applied anywhere in the world. Trueways vast expertise in teaching Survival Courses across the UK will develop skills you didn't even know you had, from basic fire lighting (which is not as easy as it sounds) to getting rescued, this Trueways Survival Course is designed for beginners who wish to learn from scratch, and those with some experience of the outdoors wishing to check their knowledge. You will spend the evening sleeping in your own shelter under the stars. This course is designed for you to get practical hands on experience in a fun and safe enviroment. You will not be asked to do anything you are not comfortable with.


2 Day Urban Survival
The Trueways Survival Urban Preparedness Course, in-keeping with our philosophy of real skills for real situations, seeks to deliver sensible and appropriate survival training for unexpected eventualities in the urban environment.  How do we cope with power cuts and other denied services such as water and gas; the option of heading for the hills, as lovely as it sounds, isn't actually practical as life and society goes on.  We would still be expected to turn up to work and carry out our normal daily life’s activities.  In extreme circumstances the military would be called to give Military Assistance to Civil Authorities (MACA).  For this reason we should clearly state this course is not the doomsday approach or the zombie apocalypse.  It is focused on sensible preparations, precautions and actions in the event of denial of services as well as safety in urban environments perhaps when travelling or holidaying abroad.  Natural disaster and environmental issues are also covered.


3 Day Coastal Survival

Experience the challenges and rewards of coastal survival on a 3 Day Trueways Coastal Survival Course. Learn how to live on and from the seashore, using many of the same techniques applied on our woodland courses, but with the different dimension of coastal resources such as fish, shellfish, seaweeds and coastal plant life. Discover where your survival priorities lie, understanding the dangers of time and tide with safe site selection, shelter from the elements, signalling for rescue and making water safe to drink.


5 Day Basic to Advanced Woodland Survival
This, our flagship course takes clients from `Zero to Hero` in 5 days and incorporates a scenario based assesment during the last 24-30 hours. Throughout the course there is formative assessment of the assimilation of skills and knowledge, with the final suimmative assesment seeks to build upon the skills taught. This is an opportunity to put into practice and demonstrate the skills that are acquired and results in a formal assessment being carried out by the instructor.

This course is divided into two distinct parts
A teaching phase where we cover all the syllabus in detail and have the opportunity to practice those skills taught. We check the rate of assimilation and use all available time to ensure that the important parts are fully digested, at the end of the teaching phase we embark on a scenario based fully immersive assessment phase where we formally assess the abilities of the delegates within a sensible and realistic survival situation. This phase lasts approx 24-30 hours and covers all aspects attendee's will learn on this course. This is your oppertunity to demonstrate what you have learned and the skills you have acquired.

On completion of the assesment an instructor will formally assess your work and after deliberation and colsultation with external validators you will receive a certificate and course report in the post. You will be graded as "satisfactory" - meaning you have been able to demonstrate the key skills and done what is necessary to stay alive and get rescued, or "not yet satisfactory" meaning you have a few area's of weakness that should be addressed before attempting the assessment phase again.


7 Day Applied Advanced Survival
Our 7 Day Applied Advanced Survival Course is based around a survival scenario, but it is as close to a real survival situation as we can safely simulate. From the word go, you will have to provide for yourselves in a remote and possibly unfriendly environment, including dealing with any casualties which might have occurred and providing yoursleves with ALL water and food from the land for the duration. Led only by Trueways most senior and experienced staff, the Trueways 7 Day Applied Advanced Survival Course is unique. No other course available to the general public can offer the same challenge and reward.

Trueways staff will provide guidance and assistance, including teaching advanced techniques not normally taught on other courses, but you will find yourselves having to fend for yourselves from the start, albeit with guidance and suggestions. You will have to survive by applying the skills and techniques learned on previous courses, adding advanced skills learned during this course, whilst living entirely off the land (and rivers) for the duration, complete with having to navigate to safety to complete the experience.

The Trueways Applied Advanced Survival Course provides a full survival camp experience, with very limited gear and equipment.


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