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1 Day Real Life Minecraft Survival

1 Day Real Life Minecraft Survival

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Trueways One Day Real Life Minecraft Survival Day

The Trueways One Day Real Life Minecraft Survival Day  takes inspiration from the popular game Minecraft.
The course runs from 9:30am to 6pm.  Lunch Provided, and cooked meal at 5pm.
This course is open to youngsters aged 7-16 with their accompanying adults attending free.

The course is near Ripon in North Yorkshire on vast private woodlands.

This course is run by our woodland survival instructor Andy - a minecraft YouTuber (andyisyoda) who has been a survival instructor with trueways since 2013.

The course will give you practical, hands on experience. Covering the following subjects :-

Flint and Steel Masterclass - go from lighting cotton balls to lighting birch bark and fatwood and learn the best way to light a fire. (no mining for iron or flint!)

Build a Beacon - ​Make a tripod smoke signal fire (no beam of light but lots of smoke instead!)

Shelter Build - Learn the real way to make a survival shelter (may not give protection from spiders)

Furnace - Help build a survival oven in the ground and we will bake something nice to eat (cobblestone provided)

Food - cook your own food over an open fire - either Beef or Mushroom stew (cows already dead)

Creeper Hunt - ​get hunted by creepers (the parents/guardians obviously) through the forest.

String ​- Lot of cool skills with paracord (no spiders involved)

Nature walk - identify spruce, birch and oak trees (no jungle) and many other plants and animals

Please note punching trees is not encouraged.  Trueways survival is not associated or affiliated with Minecraft, Microsoft or Mojang - we are just fans.

We will also cover:



Recommended Kit
To take part in this day course you will not need to purchase expensive kit, please bring the follow

Sensible footwear (Walking Boots are ideal)
Waterproof Jacket & Trousers
Survival Knife - At least 4" Fixed Blade - Not A Pen Knife
Flint & Striker


Paracord (Approx 50ft)
Something to cook in (Billy Can/Mess tin - you will be making a hearty stew so a mess tin (both bits) is ideal)
Spoon, Water Bottle, Mug & Something to Cook In
Optional: Kneeling mat (variety of amazing uses), sunscreen, small vegetable chopping knife (pen knife is fine).

More Optional: minecraft foam swords, axes, creeper masks etc
Lots of this is available for hire or purchase on this website.

Start and Finish Times
This courses starts at 9.30am and will typically finish around 6pm.

Although it is possible to reach some of our training locations by public transport, by the very nature of the courses taught there is some necessity for remoteness with regard to many sites. Therefore, for some sites a taxi may be required for the final leg of your journey if you are not traveling by road. For those travelling by road, all training locations offer parking in some form. All courses are camp based, don't worry this is not a boot camp, there are no long hikes or mountains to climb we want you to have fun and learn.


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