Urban Survival Courses

Urban Survival Courses

Travel Emergencies, Ecomonic Collapse, Failure of Vital Services, Political Unrest and Violence, Epidemics and Pandemics, Social Unrest, Extremes of Weather, Earthquakes, Floods, Tsunami.. the list goes on!

There are a wide variety of possible emergency situations which might require an understanding of preparedness and what to do should an emergency occur. The Trueways Home and Family Emergency Preparedness Course provides practical and informed training on how to prepare for and cope with serious national or international emergencies.

Presented by Trueways Staff who have worked in real life emergencies and disaster relief around the world, the course provides in-depth information and practical skills training which goes beyond the simple advice provided by media and official websites, allowing you to understand the official advice, but preparing you and equiping you to cope for yourselves, in both the short term (until the situation returns to normal or you escape from it) or even in the long term.

At Trueways we offer a packed 2 Day Urban Survival & Preparedness course available as a course booking or a gift pack, scroll down for Urban course options.

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  • Trueways 2 Day Urban Survival and Preparedness Course Open to All aged 17+ No Previous experience required Course Overview The Trueways Survival Urban Preparedness Course, in-keeping with our philosophy of real skills for real situations, seeks to deliver sensible and appropriate survival ..
  • Trueways 5 Day Urban Survival Essentials Course In Croatia 5 Day Course - Open to All aged 18 and over - No Previous experience required Location : Zadar, Croatia Experience a range of new skills, challenges and survival scenarios under the guidance of our dedicated Urban Survival instructors..