Survival and Bushcraft Skills Courses for All

Trueways Survival School offers Survival and Bushcraft Skills Courses founded on the tried and tested principles of its most senior team member, John 'Lofty' Wiseman.

John Lofty Wiseman Survival Skills

Trueways offers more courses to more people than any company in the UK. We are one of the longest established Survival Schools employing some of the best instructors available.

Trueways provides adult and family based Bushcraft & Survival Courses throughout the United Kingdom. We offer a comprehensive range of Survival & Bushcraft training courses, covering a wide range of skills from basics to very advanced. We also have courses dedicated to teaching young people of today with the award winning Trueways "Young Survivors Course"

In order for you to get the most out of our courses, they are designed and structured by SAS Legend John "Lofty" Wiseman, Lofty served 26 years in the SAS and is publisher of the massive best selling book - The SAS Survival Handbook, along with Lofty our instructors will teach you these skills in a safe, friendly and structured manor enabling you to learn Survival and Bushcraft.  

As one of the UK's few full time Survival Schools our courses operate 7 days a week, year round through all weathers. 

All our courses are also available as a gift pack, our gift packs are ideal to give somebody a course when you don't know an exact date they can attend.

In addition, we operate an online shop for Survival & Bushcraft equipment, shipped from our head office and storage facility in the North.

Trueways Survival Course Range

Trueways Woodland Survival Courses  Trueways Urban Survival Course  Trueways Coastal Survival Course  Trueways Family Survival Courses   

Trueways Advanced Survival Courses  Trueways Arctic Survival Course   Trueways Medical Survival Course  Trueways Map Reading and Navigation Course

Trueways Bushcraft Course Range


Trueways Private and Corporate Range


All our courses are desinged to be practical hands on in a fun and enjoyable environment.
You will not be asked to do anything you're not happy with and we do not kill any living animals.


Our instructors rank as the best in the world and will ensure you have a great time, learning survival or bushcraft skills in a safe and professional environment.

We look forward to seeing you on a Trueways Survival Skills course for more information please feel free to call us on 0800 043 0832

Buy a Trueways Survival or Adventure Course as Gift.



NEW - Who Dares Grins - Limited Edition Signed Personally by Lofty - Exclusive to Trueways Survival


Trueways also has a very comprehensive online Survival Shop, offering a range of products from MoraKniv, MSR, Expedition Foods, Condor Machetes and many many more.

Survival psychology, Survival equipment, Shelter siting and construction, Signalling and rescue and much much more

Offering the widest range of Survival Courses in the UK, including Woodland, Medical, Urban, Navigation and Coastal.

Survival Courses For Beginners, Kids and those looking for something more advanced.

Call Trueways Survival - The UK's Number One Survival Training School on 0800 043 0832

Trueways Survival - UK's Largest Survival Course Provider

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