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  1. John 'Lofty' Wiseman
  • John 'Lofty' Wiseman

    John 'Lofty' Wiseman

    For people in the Survival Training world, Lofty Wiseman needs no introduction, but for those who are new to survival, it would be difficult to believe that there is a serious survival training specialist in the world today who hasn’t read and learned from Lofty’s The SAS Survival Handbook: How to Survive in the Wild
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  • Ammo - Trueways Instructor

    Ammo - Trueways Instructor

    Khaled or his preferred name Ammo started his love of the great outdoors early, as a kid crossing the deserts and mountains of Yemen with his father in a Toyota Landcruiser. He has since as an adult retraced these steps many times doing his best to avoid tribes and bandits, trekking lite with a Survival knife and a Makarov pistol. Drinking camel urine with the desert Bedouins
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  • Joe Begley

    Joe Begley

      When Trueways needed an extra Mountain Leader, we set out to get the best one we could find. Joe Begley (BSc, MSc, MTA, AMI) has enjoyed the outdoors since...
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  • Trev Parlour - Trueways Instructor

    Trev Parlour - Trueways Instructor

    After completing 7 Years with the 3rd Battalion Royal Welsh Fusiliers, Trevor decided to travel, covering most of Europe then onto The USA, Malaysia, Iceland, Africa and Finland. Realising his...
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  • Andy Lowe - Trueways Instructor

    Andy Lowe - Trueways Instructor

    Andy is also involved in formal educational channels at the University of Portsmouth where he focuses on Crisis and Disaster Management, studying the psychology of human adaptability: how people cope with all forms of change, from the mundane to the extreme – survival on a large scale.
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  • Andy Wood - Trueways Instructor + Operations Manager

    Andy Wood - Trueways Instructor + Operations Manager

    Like many of the instructors, Andy’s interest in survival techniques began as a child, reading Lofty Wiseman’s book “The SAS handbook to survival”.  However, it wasn’t until after surviving 14 years as a Science teacher in an inner city Secondary school that he turned to doing survival courses.
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  • Selco Begovic - Trueways Instructor

    Selco Begovic - Trueways Instructor

    Selco is our resident Croatia instructor.  Selco shares his experiences from surviving in a city surrounded by the enemy army and cut off from power, food, water and other supplies for a year during the Balkan war.
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  • Toby Cowern - Trueways Instructor

    Toby Cowern - Trueways Instructor

    Notable training achievements for Toby include training the winning team for the Polar Challenge 2006 (a race to the North Pole) and preparing Team Helmut for the Arctic Ultra Yukon Challenge 2009, as well as acting as a professional guide for numerous organizations and media companies in the frozen north.
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  • Jennifer Collett - Trueways Instructor

    Jennifer Collett - Trueways Instructor

    Jenny has been an outdoor enthusiast for many years. With over 15 years experience working in the industry and a lifetime of exciting adventures, Jen has wide knowledge and skills. She spends her non earning living life travelling the world following her love for the adrenalin fuelled sports of mountain biking, surfing and rock climbing.
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  • Hugh Luckock - Trueways Instructor

    Hugh Luckock - Trueways Instructor

    Everyone enjoys spending time in the wild country with Hugh. He shares his experience, knowledge and skills gently but with authority. He enables you to explore your sensibility to risk from a safe and secure base.  Activity with Hugh always involves humour and fun.
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