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Trueways Survival are 'The Authority' in Survival Advice, Information and Training. We achieve this through making survival training and resources accessible to everyone through a portfolio of courses designed to take participants from basic principles through to advanced training. In addition, Trueways strives to keep survival simple and fun with an emphasis on the fundamentals. We are the UKs number one provider of Survival courses, Bushcraft courses and Wilderness skills. Our ultimate goal is to firmly instill the necessary survival tools in everyone's 'mental kit bag'.

Our range of award winning courses designed by the SAS master himself John 'Lofty' Wiseman are run throughout the year across the UK and Scotland. We cater for every level of experience and all age groups.

Our expert team has been training since the 1980's with a management restructure in 2005 when the current management team was put together. We have a large number of experienced professionals from various backgrounds on our team, who's focus has since then been on building the foundations for a scalable business, with ethics, high quality standards and business performance in mind.