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Ammo | Trueways Survival

Khaled or his preferred name Ammo started his love of the great outdoors early, as a kid crossing the deserts and mountains of Yemen with his father in a Toyota Landcruiser. He has since as an adult retraced these steps many times doing his best to avoid tribes and bandits, trekking lite with a Survival knife and a Makarov pistol. Drinking camel urine with the desert Bedouins.



A student in survival psychology, Ammo has also recently challenged himself with a trip into deepest Norway testing himself in the Taiga forest and canoeing in the lakes and 5 weeks camping in the Jungles of India, whilst out in India he spent time with the Wildlife Association of South India working with anti-poaching groups in a dangerous environment.

From Norway to  Africa and India, throughout Europe and The Middle East, Ammo has led and participated in many expeditions. He gained his experience and honed his skills in some of the worlds harshest most dangerous environments.



Ammo brings a wide range of skills to Trueways, from being one of the best Bushcraft instructors and Survival instructors in the UK, certainly one of the most experienced!

To being a fully qualified :-

Arborist/Tree Surgeon
Martial arts instructor
Aerial rescue climber
Remote Medic
Close Protection Medic