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Khaled or his preferred name Ammo started his love of the great outdoors early, as a kid crossing the deserts and mountains of Yemen with his father in a Toyota Landcruiser. He has since as an adult retraced these steps many times doing his best to avoid tribes and bandits, trekking lite with a Survival knife and a Makarov pistol. Drinking camel urine with the desert Bedouins.



An expert in survival psychology Ammo has also recently challenged himself with a trip into deepest Norway testing himself in the Taiga forest and canoeing in the lakes and 5 weeks camping in the Jungles of India, whilst out in India he spent time with the Wildlife Association of South India working with anti-poaching groups in a dangerous environment.



Ammo brings a wide range of skills to Trueways, from being one of the best Bushcraft instructors and Survival instructors in the UK to being a fully qualified :-

Martial arts instructor
Aerial rescue climber
Remote Medic
Close Protection Medic

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