Andy Lowe - Trueways Instructor

Andy Lowe | Trueways Survival

Andy’s focus on learning new skills, as well as his drive to continually refine all aspect of his survival skills led him to train with Trueways for a number of years before becoming a certified instructor. Attending every type of Trueways’ UK-based courses available and at all times of the year, Andy served an apprenticeship like no other. Drawing from an extensive teaching background, Andy contributed on many courses and naturally transitioned to an instructor role for Trueways at the end of 2012, passing on the skills he learnt while aiming to continuously further his own training.

Andy is also involved in formal educational channels at the University of Portsmouth where he focuses on Crisis and Disaster Management, studying the psychology of human adaptability: how people cope with all forms of change, from the mundane to the extreme – survival on a large scale. Andy's martial arts background also lends itself towards street survival too, where avoidance is often the best course of action.

Always looking for new opportunities for learning, Andy attained an MSc in Crisis and Disaster Management at the University of Portsmouth. He also recently supplemented his teaching qualifications with a certificate in Access to Education and Training.

When not teaching survival Andy works as an analyst for one of the country’s leading risk consultancy firms, monitoring potential threats across the globe, advising businesses on how these threats may affect them and on ensuring safety for their staff. Combined with his background as a martial arts instructor, this experience has put him in a good position to teach about personal safety in urban environments, emphasizing that avoidance is often the best course of action.

Although Andy enjoys spending time in the outdoors, he aims in his teaching to dispel the ‘romantic’ notion of survival, getting trainees to understand the harsh realities of genuine survival situations and how sensible planning and good preparation can help prevent such problems in the first place, sticking to the Trueways motto of teaching "Real Skills for Real Situations".