Hugh Luckock - Trueways Instructor

Hugh Luckock | Trueways Survival

Everyone enjoys spending time in the wild country with Hugh. He shares his experience, knowledge and skills gently but with authority. He enables you to explore your sensibility to risk from a safe and secure base.  Activity with Hugh always involves humour and fun.
You will leave the outdoors with that glow of new life experiences and achievement, that compels you to return to the wild. Your learning about the outdoors and technical skills will have evolved without you fully realising as your confidence and self-awareness grows.

Hugh grew up amongst the mountains and waters of North Wales with family and friends who shared their love for the outdoors. He took himself off to the local college at 16 to start his formal training with a BTEC in Outdoor Adventure that led on to university and a degree in Outdoor Adventure and Environmental Studies. He has spent the last decade honing his knowledge and skills in all parts of the United Kingdom, Europe, Africa and Canada.

The teaching, coaching and leading that Hugh offers impels young people and adults to explore with confidence the adventures they want in all terrains. He has many repeat customers who ask for Hugh's particular take on challenges in the wild.