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No Previous Experience Required: Open To All Aged 16+

Navigation is a key skill that everyone should know. It is the skill that can prevent us becoming lost, and in turn, prevent putting us into a survival situation.
Further more it can lead us out of many difficult positions by taking us to safety and avoiding dangerous ground. This course is divided into three major parts, Basic Theory Practical, Advanced Theory Practical and Improvised 'Survival' Theory and Practical.


What is a map?
Types of mapping available.
Map reading basics.
Features displayed.
Key symbols and margin information.
Use of contours to show relief of land.
Map care.
Bring mapping up to date.

Reading the map:

Orienting & Setting the map.
Attack points.
Aiming off.

Route Cards:

What are Route cards and how do they work?
Writing and Filing route cards.
Leaving route cards.

Grid Systems:

Ordnance Survey.


Types and effective use of a compasses.
Determining location.
Bearings, Back Bearings and walking on Bearings.
Re-section basic.
Aspect of the slope.


Reading of contours.
Use of contours.
Route selection.

Sketch Maps:

Drawing and using sketch maps.
Using natural signposts for navigation.
Micro navigation.

Classroom theory with a mix of practical lessons and summative testing.
Practical test of navigation skills.
Daytime practical exercises.
Be prepared to walk at least 6 miles in all weather.

Recommended Kit

We do allow tents and gas cookers on this course.
A full and complete equipment list will be provided along with specific directions once your booking is confirmed. However, as a minimum you will need to bring with you some basic kit such as; Waterproof Jacket & Trousers, Suitable Footware, Torch, Billy Can or Cooking Pot, Drinking Cup/Mug and a Water Bottle. Should you decide not to bring a tent you will need a bivi bag and a basha or tarp. Don't worry if you haven't got everything you need, we do hire the less common stuff which is typically a lot cheaper than buying.

Start and Finish Times

All courses start at 10am on their start date and typically finish around 4pm on the end date. Unlike some other schools a Trueways 2 Day survival course is two full days and one full night.


Please do not bring any food as it will be provided for you, please let us know when you book the course if you have any dietary requirements, we can cater for all requirements as long as we know before hand.


Although it is possible to reach some of our training locations by public transport, by the very nature of the courses taught there is some necessity for remoteness with regard to many sites. Therefore, for some sites a taxi may be required for the final leg of your journey if you are not traveling by road. For those travelling by road, all training locations offer parking in some form. All courses are camp based, don't worry this is not a boot camp, there are no long hikes or mountains to climb we want you to have fun and learn.
This is a woodland based level 2 course open to all.

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