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The trip route is navigating by canoe through the Lochs and rivers surrounding Suilven Mountain spotting the unique wildlife along the way and whilst wild camping, along with learning basic survival skills.
This trip provides good opportunities to see Golden Eagles, Raven, Dippers, Red Deer, Otters and numerous other species.

Throughout the expedition (open to 16+) you will safely and skilfully learn how to manage yourself on a multi-day canoe trip. You will learn the skills of survival, needed for surviving in a spectacular, demanding setting and have the opportunity to practice the survival skills and techniques throughout the journey, you will be enjoying the views of the beautiful wilderness of the National Nature Reserve. In the middle of our route we will set up a base camp where you will have the option to rest or to take on the challenge of climbing the Suilven ridge, taking in two peaks.

We will then be canoeing and wild camping through to the coast making small portages on the last day. This expedition will give you a real experience in a truly wild location, where you will have the opportunity to practice various canoeing, navigation, and survival skills and even bag two beautiful peaks!

You will leave this wilderness expedition with a real sense of achievement, and with memories and skills that will last forever.
This canoeing and mountaineering expedition (mountain climb optional) where you will be guided by two expert instructors, one in Canoeing and Mountaineering, the other in Survival Skills.
Safety Briefing.
Solo Canoeing.
Tandem Canoeing.
Wild Camping.
Sailing .
Wild Swimming.
(Optional) Navigation/Astral Navigation.
(Weather Permitting) Basic Survival Skills.
Fire Lighting.
Water Purifying.
Food Foraging.
Understanding Weather.
Flora and Fauna.

You will not be asked or expected to do anything you do not want to do - the activites you do is completely your choice.
The following equipment will be loaned to you at no extra costs for the duration of the trip:
Dry Bags 1x 100ltr.
Dry Barrel 1 x 30ltr.
Painters 2 x 2 Boat Lengths Long.
Throw Line 25m.
Bouyancy Aid.
Air Bags Both Ends.
Kneel Matt or Knee Pads.
Canoe Poles Bailer & Sponge.

Kit List
A full kit list will be emailed to you once your booking is confirmed, expect to require:
Tent (or Tarp).
Walking Boots.
Water Bottle.
Cooking Pot.
Fitness Level
This is a strenuous and testing course, attendee's must be physicall fit, and must be comfortable with the possibility of bad weather conditions.

Arrivals and Departures
You will be expected to find your own means of travel to Inverness airport. Where you will be met and transport will be arranged for the rest of the journey.

Some food will be provided in the format of ration packs, however please feel free to bring along any snacks.

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