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Experience a range of new skills, challenges and survival scenarios under the guidance of our dedicated Urban Survival instructors based in Croatia, we have our own exceptional training area in Zadar, Croatia.
In this scenario based course you can learn the key principles and skills to Urban Survival. We will take a small group of people from diverse backgrounds through common scenarios experienced during the Balkans war.
We welcome everyone, regardless of your previous survival experience and/or knowledge. A diverse group presents interesting and appropriate challenges in a way not normally addressed in training. Group dynamics and successful team management is an essential skill in regular life and even more so in post disaster survival situations. This truly unique course has been designed to give you the greatest competence in the shortest period of time and as such is an opportunity not to be missed.

During the course your existing skills will be assessed and expert improvement tips provided by our team. New skills will be delivered, initially in stand alone training sessions, but once learnt they will be applied during scenarios run throughout the course to ensure the best assimilation and appropriate use of all skills acquired.

You will receive regular and detailed feedback from instructors, and we will have a number of ‘open group discussions’ during the course in order to answer any questions you may have.

It should be highlighted the key aim of this course is to provide credible, contextual and applicable training for post disaster survival, not indulge in post-apocalyptic fantasies.
The basic course itinery below is not a comprehensive list of what the course involved, Full itinerary details will not be released as the "element of suprise" is an Essential part of this training.

Mastering the art and the science of fire management is no easy task. Time spent developing confidence and competence in this skill set is a wise investment and will make the world of difference in your ‘survivability’. The scale of challenges to overcome throughout the course will ensure you take your individual fire lighting ability to the ‘next level’.
Sourcing of materials.
Keeping fire hidden.
When NOT to light a fire.

One of the main differences between Urban and Wilderness survival is that of shelter selection and use. Our incredible training area will give you unique insight and opportunity to practice how to successfully secure shelter in a post disaster environment and discover some of the key strategies you will need when you have to apply these skills ‘for real’.
Priorities in Urban environment.

The ability to gather, process and store water is typically one of the most overlooked areas in survival training and yet one of the most vital skills to have. We will dive into detail on all aspects of water management throughout the course, giving you a depth of knowledge and ability to adequately provide for you, and your teams, hydration and hygiene needs.

Sourcing, processing and storing food in an urban environment brings with it a complex set of challenges. Modern convenience has rendered many completely unaware of food management strategies in the absence of supplies of electricity, water and gas. You will learn and practice a huge variety of options throughout the week ensuring you stay healthy and strong enough to ‘stay in the fight’.
Priorities (types of food to try and obtain).
Cooking methods (overt and covert).

Signaling and Communication:
Staying informed during calamitous times is one of the biggest influences on your survival. Effective communication in a ‘grid down’ world is an area currently rife with myths and misunderstandings. You will need to take a ‘back to basics’ approach, starting with the most simple and yet powerful of communication methods and progress as the week goes on, to more complex and detailed communication. All the while you will need to maintain an ‘adaptive’ approach to ensure you react to the changing situation.
Patrol (hand) signals.
Hazard Indicators.
Map making.
Security procedures.

Medical and Hygiene:
The rapid development of disease and significant impact of hygiene concerns cannot be under estimated in a disaster situation. Learning how to manage these concerns without modern conveniences will be one of the biggest challenges you will face. The expert tuition and techniques you will learn and apply throughout the course will leave you armed with comprehensive strategies keeping you ‘fit to function’.
Field hygiene routines.
How to conduct hygiene inspections.
'Grid Down' Treatment Decision Making.
Austere Condition Medical Management.

The ability to source and manage resources is all for nothing if you cannot protect it. The ‘Live Environment’ nature of our training area will ensure you understand and apply the fundamental principles needed to safeguard you and your equipment. You will also gain greater insight and understanding into various mindsets that will emerge when the thin veneer of civilization is removed and learn ways to identify and deal with them.
What self defence training should consist of.
Vehicle checkpoints.
Building defence.
Gathering Information.
What's Included And What's Not
Course costs cover training, training materials and opportunities to sleep in the training area during your time in Croatia throughout the course dates. Course costs do not include travel to and from Croatia.

The recommended airport is Zadar. We will provide transport from Zadar Central Bus Station (The Course start/meet up point) to the training area location.

Direct Flights to Zadar are available from Manchester, Glasgow, Dublin, London (Stansted, Luton and Southend) and Bristol.

Large items carried but not needed for the course (e.g. Suitcases) Can be kept in secure (off site) storage for the duration course for a small fee.

Survival in an Urban environment is a challenge. We aim to develop your skills and provide you with knowledge which you will keep for life.

Our courses are based on a tried and tested methodology which has been refined over many years of real life, hands-on practical experience. Developing and applying skills where necessary through in-situ supervised practice and understanding the basic principles will ensure you are equipped for life, whatever you have in your pack.

Safety First
In accordance with UK Health and Safety Executive guidelines for Survival Courses in Croatia, a full risk assessment has been carried out for this course detailing emergency evacuation procedures and procedures for dealing with any nature of emergency, including liaison with local medical facilities. Instructors will carry communications equipment and are all current first aid trained with years of experience in hostile environments.

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