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This Trueways Survival Level 3A course (open to 7-17 year old) is aimed at those who have already attended some survival training at least to level 2 standard and are wanting to put their skills to the test in one of our assessment scenarios. Those who have previously attended a Level 3 course with a 'not yet satisfactory' assessment are also able to repeat the assessment stage on this shorter course which includes a day of refresher training. Owing to the complexity of the scenario and the amount of time available this should be seen as refresher training and not a compressed training course. Time is often in short supply and it is essential that those attending the course have done some practice in the time prior to the course. If not you may jeopardise your ability to successfully demonstrate such skills and complete the assessment. 

Pre-course requirement:
Must be able to demonstrate ability to light fire in all weathers using flint and steels. Must understand the processes for summoning help and signalling locations. (If in doubt, download the planning handbook from the website and familiarise your self with the contents).

This course is divided into two distinct parts:
On arrival delegates should be able to demonstrate building a shelter and setting up camp for use that evening, then once a brew has been achieved we will start the refresher stage, looking at the whole of PLAN and also natural shelter and bedding aspects not previously covered on the Level 2 courses.

During Day 2 delegates will enter the assessment phase in a fully immersed survival scenario under conditions likely to be encountered in line with that scenario. Delegates should be able to logically follow the PLAN making reasoned and appropriate decisions based on training and the conditions encountered. During this phase there will be continued assessment and at the end a formal assessment will take place where delegates will be expected to expand upon their performance and justify their actions.

We will refresh the following subjects:
Introduction to Survival.
Psychology of Survival.
Preperation and equipping for emergencies.
Priorities and pillars of Survival.
Rule of 3s - What we need to do.
Pyramid of Survival.
PLAN outline planning.
Medical emergencies (not covered in-depth).
Choosing the right clothes to begin with and improvising.
Understanding the combustion chain.
Understanding the needs of fire refectors and heating shelters.
The 72 hour rule and how it applies to us.
Active & Passive, Day & Night signalling.
5 Phases of water.
Daylight navigation methods.
Astro navigation and sketch maps.

We will also fully cover the following:
How to make and improvise a natural shelter.
Natural bedding and insulation.
How to stay warm.

Recommended Kit:
A full and complete equipment list will be provided along with specific directions once your booking is confirmed. However, as a minimum you will need to bring with you some basic kit such as; Waterproof jacket & trousers.
Suitable footware.
Billy Can or Cooking Pot.
Drinking Cup/Mug and a Water Bottle.
You will also need:
Sleeping bag.
Bivi Bag.
Basha or Tarp.

Don't worry if you haven't got everything you need, we do hire the less common stuff which is typically a lot cheaper than buying.

Recommended Kit:
Start and Finish Times:
All courses start at 10am on their start date and typically finish around 4pm on the end date.

Please do not bring any food as it will be provided for you, please let us know when you book the course if you have any dietary requirements, we can cater for all requirements as long as we know before hand.

Although it is possible to reach some of our training locations by public transport, by the very nature of the courses taught there is some necessity for remoteness with regard to many sites. Therefore, for some sites a taxi may be required for the final leg of your journey if you are not traveling by road. For those travelling by road, all training locations offer parking in some form. All courses are camp based, don't worry this is not a boot camp, there are no long hikes or mountains to climb we want you to have fun and learn.

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