Viper Tactical Survival Kit

Viper Tactical Survival Kit

Viper Tactical Survival Kit

Product Description

Viper Tactical Survival Kit

The Viper Tactical Survival Kit not only contains in its hard shell carry case a very useful sheet of advice on how to help yourself survive in the outdoors but it also provides a good selection of the basic materials that will enable you to follow that advice.

For example, for acquiring food there is a knife, a snare wire and a fishing kit while, in order to help you be able to cook what you catch, there is a wire saw, a mini fire steel and matches.

The Viper Tactical Survival Kit also includes a compass to help you find your way when lost and a whistle to attract the attention of anyone in the area.

Kit Contents

  • Interior mirror
  • Compact survival knife
  • Wire saw
  • Button compass
  • Mini fire steel
  • Sewing kit
  • Safety pins
  • Matches
  • Cotton wool
  • Candle
  • Hi-vis survival whistle
  • Snare wire
  • Fishing kit
  • Survival advice leaflet
  • Carry case dimensions: 12 x 10 x 4 cm


This Survival Tin is Free with every Trueways Survival Course Gift Pack

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