Aaron Fuest - Survival Instructor

Aaron Fuest

Trueways Instructor

Aaron’s sensible approach and ‘quiet voice of reason’ makes him a good choice for survival instruction. Aarons interest in survival came as a result of having been rescued from a freezing sea by the crew of a fishing boat a mile out in Lyme bay one March. Two helicopters and a lifeboat came looking for him bringing home the harsh reality of survival.

As a result of this Aaron took direct action and booked his first survival course, which began a journey of self-discovery looking at all aspects of survival. Being keen to learn more Aaron attended many courses, which began his unofficial apprenticeship with Trueways chief instructor. 
Developing a thirst for knowledge and in order to broaden his experiences he assisted on many courses conducting his own research into the subject.

Throughout this time, he gained valuable knowledge and skills training with ‘John Lofty Wiseman’. Aaron has rewritten much of the Trueways coastal survival course and is the lead instructor on the subject and has been an instructor with Trueways since 2012

He is also currently training with Dorset Search and Rescue (DORSAR) where his appreciation of survival training will augment Search and Rescue techniques. 
Added to this Aaron has 30 years of martial arts under his belt and has trained and competed around the world, including delivering women’s self-defense training.

Experiences and qualifications include: 
Martial Arts Instructor with Black Belts in 4 different martial arts including Aikido, Jujitsu and Iaido
Trueways Survival Coastal Course Team Leader                       
Trueways Instructor Development Course
Trueways Arctic Instructor 
D of E instructor at inner city school - Expedition training. 
Member of DORSAR currently studying to gain active member status.