Fredrik Rye-Ramberg

Fredrik Rye-Ramberg - Survival Instructor

Fredrik Rye-Ramberg

Trueways Instructor

Fredrik Rye-Ramberg, is our resident Swedish instructor.  He has served in the Swedish Armed Forces for more over 15 years; having military survival training as one of his areas of expertise. In being part of the Swedish Air Force dedicated Combat Search and Rescue unit he has received specialised training in the field. Stationed at the Swedish Armed Forces Survival School he has also had the opportunity to focus on all aspects of military survival training from SERE levels A to C and dedicated CSAR and Personnel Recovery training.

Having spent plenty of time in northern Sweden Fredrik is Trueways local environmental expert instructor for extreme cold weather and arctic conditions.  He brings a wealth of experience and skills including:

  • Military SERE instructor
  • Winter and cold weather survival
  • SERE level A 
  • SERE level B
  • SERE level C
  • Combat Survival Training Course , Royal Australian Air Force
  • Personnel Recovery
  • Military working dog handler and instructor training
  • CSAR qualified
  • Trueways 5-day and 7-day Advanced Course
  • Military Parachute Training
  • US Airforce RAVEN Training
  • Swedish Airforce Ranger Trained (With 6 yrs service)
  • Swedish Armed Forces SERE School Instructor
  • International Operational experience from Kosovo, Afghanistan and Hungary