About Our Training

Trueways Survival offers survival and outdoor preparation courses to suit any taste or at any level of experience. Our courses are designed to take the beginner from those very first steps all the way to training in our Global Environments Training packages. Trueways is the only Survival School in the UK with the expertise capable of and offering training anywhere in the world using only their own staff. Let our experience provide you with Real Skills for Real Situations.

Trueways survival courses offer participants the opportunity to learn and practice the skills and techniques needed to survive without the comfort and convenience of four walls and a supermarket! As well as being highly fun and rewarding, these acclaimed courses are based upon the tried and tested methodology of Trueways most senior team member – none other than bestselling SAS Survival Expert John "Lofty" Wiseman, so everything that is taught, demonstrated and explained has the highest level of authority.

Lofty Wiseman's is one of the world's foremost experts on survival. His teachings, including multi-million best selling book, 'The SAS Survival Guide' is used the world over as reference by everyday people and experts alike and can be found in 18 languages.

Trueways also offer the largest range of courses of any Survival School in the UK. Survival & Skills training is a full time business for us, not just a hobby like some survival schools, we also have more courses in more location across the UK.
All our courses start at 10am on the first day and finish at approx 4pm on the last day, unlike other survival schools we don't start at 7pm and advertise that as a day.

Our current range of courses include

Level 1
2 Day Young Survivors Course for 7-14 Year Olds - Open to All

Level 1A
3 Day Advanced Young Survivors Course for 10-16 Year Olds - Must have completed Level 1
5 Day Advanced Young Survivors Course for 10-16 Year Olds - Open to All

Level 2
2 Day Basic Woodland Survival Skills - Open to All
2 Day Urban Survival & Preparedness Survival Skills - Open to All
2 Day Map Reading & Navigation Skills - Open to All
2 Day Coastal Survival Skills - Open to All
3 Day Extended Basic Survival Skills - Open to All
3 Day Medical in Survival Skills - Open to All

Level 3
3 Day Advanced Survival Skills - Must have completed Level 2
5 Day Basic to Advanced Survival Skills - Open to All

Level 4
7 Day Advanced Survival Skills - Must have completed Level 3

Cold Weather Survival
11 Day Arctic Survival Skills - Open to All

Trueways Courses Overseas
5 Day Urban Survival In Croatia - Open to All
11 Day Anti-Poaching and Bush Survival In South Africa - Open to All

Trueways UK Expeditions
3 Day Welsh 3,000 14 Peak Mountaineering - Open to All
5 Day Canoeing & Survival on Loch Shiel  - Open to All
5 Day Camoeing & Mountaineering in Torridon - Open to All
6 Day Canoeing & Survival in Inverpolly - Open to All

Trueways survival training begins with an introduction to the basic elements of survival, then steadily develops and expands upon this groundwork as students gain more knowledge, experience and confidence.

All Trueways courses are hands-on and practice-based, and students will apply their skills with increasing independence as they move forward in the programme:

Survival psychology
Basic survival equipment
Shelter siting and construction
Fire making and maintenance in all conditions
Heat management and conservation
Signalling and rescue
Water acquisition and treatment
Food identification, acquisition, testing and preparation
Wild medicine
Navigation without aid

When looking at which school to do your survival training with, choose a business training the largest number of people in the UK with instructors holding a wealth of knowledge - Choose Trueways Survival

For more information  Please feel free to call us FREE on 0800 043 0832 during office hours, or complete our enquiry form and somebody will replay as soon as possible.

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