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Trueways Survival Instructors


John "Lofty" Wiseman - Trueways Survival Chief Instructor

For people in the Survival Training world, Lofty Wiseman needs no introduction, but for those who are new to survival, it would be difficult to believe that there is a serious survival training specialist in the world today who hasn’t read and learned from Lofty’s The SAS Survival Handbook: How to Survive in the Wild, in Any Climate, on Land or at Sea. Currently in its 3rd Edition (2009), first published in 1986, translated into 18 different languages, having sold over 2 million copies, it remains undoubtedly the seminal work on survival available today. It also forms the basis of the Collins Pocket Guides publication The SAS Survival Guide, which has remained on the Collins Bestseller list since publication, carried by professionals the world over, selling over 300,000 copies consistently every year.
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Andy Lowe - UK Survival Instructor and Urban Preparedness Expert

Andy’s focus on learning new skills, as well as his drive to continually refine all aspect of his survival skills led him to train with Trueways for a number of years before becoming a certified instructor. When not teaching survival Andy works as an analyst for one of the country’s leading risk consultancy firms, monitoring potential threats across the globe, advising businesses on how these threats may affect them and on ensuring safety for their staff. Combined with his background as a martial arts instructor, this experience has put him in a good position to teach about personal safety in urban environments, emphasizing that avoidance is often the best course of action.
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Andy Wood - UK Survival Instructor and Hot Weather Expert

In the jungle Andy Learned how to operate in 30°C with 100% humidity, treat water, build shelters, catch fish and most difficult of all – light a fire when everything around is wet.  This culminated in 48 hours on his own, with no torch or watch and just a basic survival kit. The deserts of Jordan provided a set of new challenges to overcome with little water, searing temperatures and illness.  Avoiding scorpions, abseiling down sandstone cliffs and even eating a goat were some of the activities on this trip.
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Aaron Fuest - UK Survival Instructor and Coastal Survival Expert

Aaron’s sensible approach and ‘quiet voice of reason’ makes him a good choice for survival instruction. Aarons interest in survival came as a result of having been rescued from a freezing sea by the crew of a fishing boat a mile out in Lyme bay one March. Two helicopters and a lifeboat came looking for him bringing home the harsh reality of survival. As a result of this Aaron took direct action and booked his first survival course, which began a journey of self-discovery looking at all aspects of survival. 
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Kharled Radman (Ammo) - UK Survival Instructor and Bushcraft Expert

An expert in survival psychology Ammo has also recently challenged himself with a trip into deepest Norway testing himself in the Taiga forest and canoeing in the lakes and 5 weeks camping in the Jungles of India, whilst out in India he spent time with the Wildlife Association of South India working with anti-poaching groups in a dangerous environment.sensible approach and ‘quiet voice of reason’ makes him a good choice for survival instruction.
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Paul O'Connell - UK & Ireland Survival Instructor and Cold Weather Expert

Paul O Connell has 16 years Military experience he has served operationally in East and West Africa also the Middle East. He served in two EU Nordic Battle Groups and achieved recognition for his skills becoming Combat Tracking & Ground sign awareness Instructor. His time in the Military gave him a wealth of survival knowledge and travel opportunities from the Middle East, Russia, Swiss Alps, Sweden Lapland and Arctic Norway. He has a passion for teaching survival and nurturing those new to the subject. He has led mountaineering expeditions to Himalayas, Russia. (Winter and summer) Mountaineering and back country Skiing in Swiss Alps, Sweden`s Lapland and Arctic Norway. He has also spent years of Winter Camping, and snow shoeing in the wilderness of northern Sweden in extreme cold weather conditions.
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Hugh Luckock - UK Canoeing and Mountaineering Instructor

Hugh grew up amongst the mountains and waters of North Wales with family and friends who shared their love for the outdoors. He took himself off to the local college at 16 to start his formal training with a BTEC in Outdoor Adventure that led on to university and a degree in Outdoor Adventure and Environmental Studies. He has spent the last decade honing his knowledge and skills in all parts of the United Kingdom, Europe, Africa and Canada. Everyone enjoys spending time in the wild country with Hugh. He shares his experience, knowledge and skills gently but with authority. He enables you to explore your sensibility to risk from a safe and secure base.  Activity with Hugh always involves humour and fun.
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Jennifer Collett - UK Canoeing Instructor

Jenny has been an outdoor enthusiast for many years. With over 15 years experience working in the industry and a lifetime of exciting adventures, Jen has wide knowledge and skills. She spends her non earning living life travelling the world following her love for the adrenalin fuelled sports of mountain biking, surfing and rock climbing.

She works with a variety of clients, from getting children and young people out to experience new activities to coaching adults to a more advanced level. Jen brings with her some great people skills. Her outdoor knowledge and an ability to build your confidence will help you develop your skills and confidence at your own pace and in a fun and exciting way.

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Fredrik Rye-Ramberg - Survival Instructor and Cold Weather Expert

Fredrik is our resident Swedish instructor.  He has served in the Swedish Armed Forces for more over 15 years; having military survival training as one of his areas of expertise. In being part of the Swedish Air Force dedicated Combat Search and Rescue unit he has received specialised training in the field. Stationed at the Swedish Armed Forces Survival School he has also had the opportunity to focus on all aspects of military survival training from SERE levels A to C and dedicated CSAR and Personnel Recovery training.

Having spent plenty of time in northern Sweden Fredrik is Trueways local environmental expert instructor for extreme cold weather and arctic conditions.  He brings a wealth of experience and skills including

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Trueways Management Team


Ken Plows - Managing Director And Proprietor

Ken’s love for outdoor life started as a child when his parents took him on wild camping holidays.  He has idyllic memories filled with exciting adventures, scary holiday midnight walks looking out for bats and owls, forest trekking and learning how to spot and identify wildlife and plants. During his adolescence, he had a passion for wildlife with his main fascination being raptors and spent many happy years watching them and studying their behaviour. He eventually became a austringer and hunted with accipiters (Goshawks and Sparrowhawks).

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Paul Simpson - Operations Manager

Paul is responsible for the day to day running of the business, including co-ordinating with our team of instructors to make sure courses run smoothly, discussing client requirements from our public course bookings to private courses for company team building events.

With over 25 years experience in sales and marketing, Paul is also responsible for managing the team behind the smooth running of the Trueways website, negotiating with suppliers and managing the Trueways Survival online shop.

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