Terms & Conditions

Purchase of Survival Courses (physical or electronic vouchers)
Trueways Survival Courses are sold via a Voucher or e-Voucher scheme.  When you (the Purchaser) make an order and we accept it, a legally binding contract is made, the Terms and Conditions of which are set out as follows. They do not affect your statutory rights as a consumer.
Vouchers are printed and sent to the purchaser via secure mail or courier.  We will endeavour to ensure your voucher(s) arrive within 3 working days of purchase, but no liability rests with Trueways for any failures, delays in delivery or losses arising therefrom.
Website booking details or E-Vouchers are delivered by email at the time of purchase. Trueways cannot be held liable for any delivery failures, delays or losses incurred. 
Vouchers and course credits are valid for 12 calendar months from the date of purchase.  
The period of validity is printed on physical vouchers and in any event a purchase date is stated on all emailed receipts.
A physical or electronic voucher or a course credit cannot be redeemed after this date unless an extension to the voucher or course is purchased. 
Vouchers or course credits cannot be refunded or exchanged for cash.
Vouchers or course credits may be upgraded to a higher value, in which case the original voucher or course credit will be rendered invalid a new voucher or credit for the higher value issued.
Vouchers or course credits may be redeemed against a lower value service, but no change or credit will be given and no part carried forward.  Vouchers or course credits cannot be redeemed against any special promotions or discounts which may be available from time to time on the TruewaysSurvival.com website or elsewhere. Course bookings are subject to additional terms and conditions to which a voucher purchaser will have and must have agreed at the time of voucher purchase.
Should the purchaser transfer the voucher, it is a condition of the transfer that the new holder must agree to the course booking terms and conditions when redeeming the voucher or course credit against a course booking.
Should payment not be received (e.g. cheques dishonoured, credit card payments charged back, or any other way payment revoked or declined) the voucher will be rendered invalid. Should the Company cancel or postpone a course for any reason against which a voucher or course credit has been redeemed, the Company may, entirely at its own discretion,  increase the validity period for a voucher, e-voucher or course credit.
Once a voucher, e-voucher or course credit is redeemed against a course booking, the voucher or credit will expire 1 calendar month prior to the start of the selected course.
Should the voucher holder elect to change their course date prior to 1 calendar month from the start of the course, the voucher or credit's original expiry date is restored, (i.e. course bookings may be changed at any point up to 1 calendar month from the start of the course and within the validity period of the voucher).