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Ken Plows is now the proud owner of Trueways Survival. Ken and his team have many plans for the company. You will see their plans unfold as you follow their Facebook page and website.

So how did it all happen and how did Ken come to buy the Trueways company?

Ken’s love for outdoor life started as a child when his parents took him on wild camping holidays.  He has idyllic memories filled with exciting adventures, scary holiday midnight walks looking out for bats and owls, forest trekking and learning how to spot and identify wildlife and plants.

During his adolescence, he had a passion for wildlife with his main fascination being raptors and spent many happy years watching them and studying their behaviour. He eventually became a austringer and hunted with accipiters (Goshawks and Sparrowhawks).

Ken turned his hand to photography, spending hours and hours lying in all kinds of terrain trying to get that magical wildlife shot, with some success. It became apparent that the place that he was at his happiest was being outdoors and the more remote the location the happier he was. Other interests are fishing canoeing and wild camping as well as foraging wild foods but really if anything took him outdoors, he was happy.

Married at 24, he now has 3 grown up children, so has more time to expand his love of the outdoors, starting with the Trueways 5 Day Basic to Advanced course that his wife bought him. He thoroughly enjoyed the course and immediately booked the 3 Day Coastal Survival Course.

Since then Ken has completed the Map Reading & Navigation course, then went off to Sweden for the Arctic Survival, which was a great experience and one he will never forget.

Having run a number of successful companies, the opportunity was presented for Ken to purchase Trueways, so he did. Ken already knew all the instructors, so his first stop was coffee with the master of Survival, John “Lofty” Wiseman, who is continuing as the patron of Trueways and looks forward to have more inivolvement in the future plans of the company.

Ken said, “I have to say that Lofty is as enthusiastic as me with all my new ideas and plans for Trueways and with his help advice and mentoring there is going to be some exciting times ahead.”

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