Corporate Team Building

Personalized Team Survival Experiences
Looking for that unique Team Building event, Trueways Survival can provide you with a challenging and fun course to suit your needs, our team building experiances are both memorable and effective.

Our wilderness-based primitive adventures will take your team’s soft-skills and leadership practices to the next level through wildly engaging outdoor survival challenges at one of our UK location, each event will be tailored to meet your team’s specific needs and interests and our instructors will coordinate with your event planner to ensure everything is just how you want it.

Each Adventure includes
Your team-building experience will be led by Trueways survival & nature-awareness experts with decades of in-field experience using and teaching survival skills. Not only will your team have an awesome team-building experience, they’ll also leave armed with real-world outdoor survival knowledge that could save their life.

Our instructors are not only outdoor savvy, they know their way around the company board-rooms. Drawing on personal experience with the challenges of corporate team dynamics, instructors will ensure that each team’s wilderness experience translates into lessons and understanding that can be taken back and applied at the office the very next day.

A typical day of Survival Team building would consist of :-


    Group meet
    Walk to camp
    Talk of resources.
    Safety talk
    Psychology of survival
    Benefits of being in a group.
    Pooling resources 
    Rule of 3s

Split teams

    Tinder kindleing
    Cotton wool
    Birch bark
    Everyone must start a fire

Lunch including Water procurement talk 

    Shelter building
    Camp fire
    Camp security

Bug eating challenge

4pm Finish.

Courses normally take place at one of our locations across the UK. We are also more than happy to send our instructors to another preferred location that you choose should you have some land that is suitable

Group Size
Trueways Survival are equipped to handle groups of 8 and above, in the past we have done courses with 160 attendee's for the British Army. Just let us know what you have in mind and we’ll make it happen.

Pricing for your group will be unique and tailored to fit your needs. Factors that determine pricing include group size, event length, desired activities, and location.

Reserve Your Event
To schedule your event, please call 0800 043 0832 and a Trueways Survival representative will be more than happy to discuss your requirements and help plan and book your group’s survival adventure.