2 Day Advanced Shelter Building Course

2 Day Advanced Shelter Building Course

2 Day Advanced Shelter Building Course

2 Day Advanced Shelter Building Course

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Trueways 2 Day Advanced Shelter Building

On this course, we dont just aim to survive, we aim to thrive.We dedicate the whole experience to improving your shelter building capabilities.

We go through a whole range of shelters, to prepare you for whatever the wilderness weather throws at you. We start with clothing, whats appropriate and whats not.The right clothing.

How to make a micro-climate, of your clothes. the layering principal. What really is waterproof.

We teach you, the benefits of different shelters, for different conditions.  From natural shelters, provided by our environment. Making shelters with natural materials, such as a debris shelter lean too, or a frame type, modern tarp configurations, leading to a "super shelter".

Course Syllabus

The layering principal
Making a microclimate out of your clothes
Discuss different types of materials, including natural vs synthetic
What to wear? In which conditions?
Site location
How to perform a risk assessment
How to make the most out of your locality (with regards to resources)
Shelter types
We go over a number of different shelters and show which will provide the greatest protection from the sun, wind, rain, cold and insects.
Knowing how to get off the ground and create a dead air space, to avoid the process of conduction and convection.  This is vital to getting a good night’s sleep.
An "A' frame debris shelter will protect you from the wind and rain using natural resources from all around you. 

Again using natural resources when it is so cold it can't rain.  We teach the lean-to shelter paired up with the long fire and reflector. (As long as the user).
This natural shelter set up will keep you warm and toasty.
Ropework is an essential skill.  We will show you some basic "bush knots" and some that will comply with HSE legislation.
Knots you can rely on.
A basic Tarp/basha can be used in many complex configurations to provide space, comfort and protection.
Makeshift ‘buttons’ can be made using small stones to replace absent tie-holes or straps on a tarp or cover.
Super Shelter
Short of a log cabin and woodstove.  No wilderness shelter will keep you warmer in the extreme cold.
Based on the principles of radiation, refraction and reflection.

Using a simple tarp, mylar blanket and polythene sheet, again teamed up with a long fire and reflector wall.
In terms of weight, simplicity of set up and performance we don't believe any other semi-permanent shelter set up can compare.
Your vehicle
A broken-down vehicle in the wild can often be the start of your "survival situation". 
We don't believe any semi-permanent shelter will have the structural integrity of your vehicle.

At Trueways we don't just teach you to stay with your vehicle, we teach you how to use it.  We will show you how to insulate the windows to increase or decrease the temperature.  
Regulate the airflow with the doors. Using the seat filling as bedding. Using the carpets and roof lining as blankets.

Your vehicle has 1001 uses in survival with regards to shelter, fire, water, signalling and protection.  Time permitting at the end of the course, we will go over these.

To our knowledge, no other course provider offers this content on a shelter building course.  We have tried our best to deliver the best course in the country in terms of quality and quantity.  We think you will like it.

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