Nalgene 1 Litre WM Tritan Glow In The Dark Green Water Bottle - FREE Water Tablets

Nalgene 1 Litre WM Tritan Glow In The Dark Green Water Bottle

Nalgene 1 Litre WM Tritan Glow In The Dark Green Water Bottle

Product Description

Nalgene 1 Litre WM Tritan Glow Green Loop-Top Closure Water Bottle

This is the bottle that put Nalgene on the map.

And after all these years it is still their best seller. It's design appears simple but there are over fifty years of manufacturing experience that go into creating a super durable, Leakproof bottle that is guaranteed for life. 
Graduations help you keep track of your fluid intake or serve as a useful guideline when mixing up a beverage in your Nalgene.
Most backpacks have a pocket on the side to hold a bottle and those pockets were designed to accommodate a Nalgene bottle because hikers have trusted Nalgene for over twenty years. 
All plastic bottles and containers are not alike. Nalgene gives you that extra measure of security not available with other containers.

Made with super-tough materials, Nalgene closures have no liner that can wear, crease, leak or cause contamination. The container walls are generally thicker and more split and puncture-resistant than lower quality bottles. Guaranteed leak-proof, they consistently keep your contents fresh and provide added protection against leakage and breakage. If you’re looking for a water bottle that will keep you well hydrated, hold up against bangs, bumps, and drops, and not leak a single drop ever, then the iconic 500ml wide mouth is your water bottle. There’s a reason why we haven’t changed its design in decades—because it works (extremely well).

Manufactured from BPA free Eastman Tritan copolyester
Everyday Nalgene bottles have superior impact resistance and are suitable for both warm and cold beverages
Convenient loop-top design means you'll never lose the lid; Durable, stain resistant & odour resistant
Wide Mouth makes adding ice cubes a snap, and the opening accommodates most water filters
Marked with millilitres and ounces for easy measurement

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