Ussen Baltic Thermal Hat - Black

Ussen Baltic Thermal Hat - Black

Ussen Baltic Thermal Hat - Black

Product Description

Ussen Baltic Thermal Hat

Ussen Thermals are used all over the world by outdoor athletes in climbing, running and general outdoor sports such as camping, fishing and hunting.

The focus on all of their thermal products is on the word THERMAL. Although the garments are fast wicking and very high performance, the number one aim is to keep you warm and safe from the elements.


The designs are unique and very well thought out. Experts from across many fields have contributed to creating a perfect range to keep a smile on your face in the harshest of conditions around the world.

The Ussen Baltic hat is truly the king of thermal hats. Double skinned with great thermal properties. Thicker and warmer then the Flight hat and made for keeping you warm in extreme temperatures.


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