Woodland Survival Courses For Kids - 5 Day Course For 12-17 Year Old - Gift Pack

Gift Pack - 5 Day Survival Course for 12-17 Year Olds Plus One Adult

Gift Pack - 5 Day Survival Course for 12-17 Year Olds Plus One Adult

Product Description

Trueways 5 Day Woodland Survival Course For 12-17 Year Olds - Gift Pack.

This gift pack is vaild for 1 Child + 1 Adult to attend any Trueways 5 Day Teen Survivors Course.

Level 3 Survival Course - No Previous experience required 

The Trueways 2 Day Teen Survivalist course, in keeping with our philosophy of real skills for real situations, delivers sensible and appropriate survival training for teenages aged 12-17.
This is a basic course intended to give some real skills to those attending. The teaching style is geared towards younger delegates and each must be accompanied by an adult.
Trueways courses are designed for people wishing to get a real taste of the survival experience in a relatively short period of time including spending the night(s) in a shelter you have built with a fire you have made for outdoor cooking and warmth. This is all done using the natural resources found around you.

Your gift pack will contain :

1 x Trueways Course Voucher valid for a minium of 12 months
1 x Mora Survival Knife
1 x Web-Tex Survival Tin complete with a button compass, night light, flint, striker, cutter, book matches, pencil, sewing kit, wire saw, whistle, snare wire, puritabs, safety pin, fishing kit and instructions.

This makes the Trueways Survival Course gift pack the perfect gift for any outdoor enthusiast - All of these items are included in the price of the gift pack.



The Trueways gift pack is the only Survival Course gift with the obvious advantage of being fun and interesting from the minute it's opened as well as providing the opportunity to meet the experts in person on a genuine Trueways Survival Course. It is designed for 7-15 year olds and will teach them an introduction to and good grounding in all the principles and skills necessary to survive in the wilderness, and including the principles to be applied anywhere in the world. Covering shelter-building, fire, water, wild food, natural navigation skills, survival medical and psychology. 

The Trueways 5 Day Basic Survival Skills course, in keeping with our philosophy of real skills for real situations, seeks to deliver sensible and appropriate survival training for general settings. This, our flagship course takes clients from `Zero to Hero` in 5 days and incorporates a scenario based assesment during the last 24-30 hours. Throughout the course there is formative assessment of the assimilation of skills and knowledge, with the final suimmative assesment seeks to build upon the skills taught. This is an opportunity to put into practice and demonstrate the skills that are acquired and results in a formal assessment being carried out by the instructor.

This course is divided into two distinct parts

A teaching phase where we cover all the syllabus in detail and have the opportunity to practice those skills taught. We check the rate of assimilation and use all available time to ensure that the important parts are fully digested, at the end of the teaching phase we embark on a scenario based fully immersive assessment phase where we formally assess the abilities of the delegates within a sensible and realistic survival situation. This phase lasts approx 24-30 hours and covers all aspects attendee's will learn on this course.
This is your oppertunity to demonstrate what you have learned and the skills you have acquired.

On completion of the assesment an instructor will formally assess your work and after deliberation and colsultation with external validators you will receive a certificate and course report in the post. You will be graded as "satisfactory" - meaning you have been able to demonstrate the key skills and done what is necessary to stay alive and get rescued, or "not yet satisfactory" meaning you have a few area's of weakness that should be addressed before attempting the assessment phase again.

Trueways 5 Day Teen Survivors Woodland Survival Course Syllabus

This course will cover the following subjects :-

Protection from the elements
Environmental medical (physiological and psychological affect of being too hot or too cold)
Understand and take care of your clothing
Taking advantage of and imporving pre-existing natural shelter (caves,hollow,overhangs,fallen trees etc)
How to make a natural shelter to provide a safe place in the environmental conditions
Natural bedding and insulation

Fire Lighting and maintenance with flint and steel
Use of fire for heating and cooking
Signalling for rescue including standard internation signals and improvised techniques
Understanding the needs of fire reflectors and heating shelters
Understanding the various methods of fire lighting

Sourcing water and making it safe to use
Water requirements
Water sources
Problems in wild water and medical aspects (dangers of seawater,dehydration,heat exhaustion,toxicity,pathology)
Water treatment and storage

Acuiring food from the wild
Understanding our survival nutritional needs
Medical problems from malnutrition and/or food imbalances
Toxins and pathogens in wild food and avoiding them
Flora (Food from plants,roots,tubers,seeds and fruit)
Fungi (Food from fungi, if available)

Survival Camp craft and routines
Gear and equipment
Survival Kits
Safe use and best practise for knives, axes, saws, fire kits etc
Making your own resources (cordage,containers,bedding etc)

Understaning your locality
The 72 hour rule and how it applies to us
Telling the time and direction from natural indicators
Safe techniques for crossing unknown countryside
Best routes to safte
Day and Night signals
Passive and active signalling
Natural navigation methods available during daylight
Astro Navigation and Sketch Maps

Trueways 5 Day Survival Course for KidsSurvival training for kids, building a campFather and Son sit down for something to eat after a hard dayYoung survivors building a signal fire

Why Choose Trueways?
Trueways Survival offers survival and outdoor preparation courses to suit any taste or at any level of experience. Our courses are designed to take the beginner from those very first steps all the way to training in our Global Environments Training packages. Trueways is the only Survival School in the UK with the expertise capable of and offering training anywhere in the world using only their own staff. Let our experience provide you with Real Skills for Real Situations.

Course Equipment, Site Directions and Timings

Recommended Kit
A full and complete equipment list will be provided along with specific directions once your booking is confirmed. However, as a minimum you will need to bring with you some basic kit such as; Waterproof jacket & trousers, suitable footware, knife, torch, billy can or cooking pot, drinking cup/mug and a water bottle. You will also need a sleeping bag, a bivi bag and a basha or tarp. Don't worry if you haven't got everything you need, we do hire the less common equipment which is typically a lot cheaper than buying.
Click HERE to check out our hire page.

Start and Finish Times
All courses start at 10am on their start date and typically finish around 2pm on the end date.

Please do not bring any food as it will be provided for you, please let us know when you book the course if you have any dietary requirements, we can cater for all requirements as long as we know before hand.

Although it is possible to reach some of our training locations by public transport, by the very nature of the courses taught there is some necessity for remoteness with regard to many sites. Therefore, for some sites a taxi may be required for the final leg of your journey if you are not traveling by road. For those travelling by road, all training locations offer parking in some form. All courses are camp based, don't worry this is not a boot camp, there are no long hikes or mountains to climb we want you to have fun and learn.


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